Global Leadership: Big Issues

Thinking Beyond Boundaries

An integral part of the MAM program, Big Issues fosters students’ ability to think more holistically about globalization, global trends, and the role of business in global society. The course begins with an introductory session, followed by two sessions dedicated to developing tools for approaching emerging problems in an interdisciplinary and creative manner. Big Issues convenes thought leaders from across Yale and leverages student team presentations to explore the ways leading businesses are addressing global risk factors by turning them into opportunities for value creation for both business and society.

How can you build a strategic mindset?

Charles Hill, an accomplished diplomat and co-founder of the Studies in Grand Strategy course at Yale, talks about how ideas from great thinkers—from Herodotus to Clausewitz—can improve business decision making.

How can you respond to climate change?

Professor Douglas Kysar of Yale Law School talks about the scale of the challenge posed by global warming and what sorts of actions may help address it.

How can you build an innovative organization?

Neal Keny-Guyer, CEO of Mercy Corps, discusses how social enterprises can partner with for-profit companies to improve the lives of the poor.

How can you think about scarce resources?

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Brad Gentry, a professor in the practice at Yale’s environment school, outlines the complex dependencies of food, water, and energy in a changing world.