Yale School of Management

Photos: Donaldson Fellows Visit Yale SOM Campus

Named for Yale School of Management founding dean William H. Donaldson, the Donaldson Fellows program recognizes Yale SOM alumni who embody the school’s mission to educate leaders for business and society in their personal and professional lives. The five newest Donaldson Fellows visited campus on April 3 to meet with students and members of the community and to attend a ceremony and reception in their honor. 

“Almost every day I’m channeling one professor or another, one experience at SOM or another, as I face the day-to-day problems of leading an academic medical center.”

Michael Apkon ’02, president and CEO, Tufts Medical Center and the Floating Hospital for Children

“Something I took from my SOM experience is this notion that if there is going to be change, an individual or a small group of people can help achieve that… Yale SOM instilled that in me: the power of that small group; it’s not always about that one leader that gets all the attention.”

Curtis S. Chin ’90, Asia Fellow, Milken Institute

“I was looking to be among folks who had tolerance and desire to solve complex problems, on the nonprofit and for-profit sides. I was very intentional about coming to SOM because of the multi-faceted individuals who come here.”

Louise Dube ’88, executive director, iCivics

“I’ve always been baffled by people who think they can do anything alone… You have to have partnership; when it’s done right you bring diverse perspectives to the table, and that’s how you effect meaningful change.”

Katherine Gross ’83, director, the Charlotte Foundation

“While I was at Yale, I founded Reaching Out Conference, which is now the premier recruiting event for LGBTQ MBA students. The reason it was founded at SOM is because this is exactly the type of place where something like that would germinate.”

James Robertson ’99, independent consultant and former chief executive, India HIV/AIDS Alliance