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Twitter is my breaking news source, my "I need a joke now" supply, and my place to feed my inner nerd. Social media plays an interesting role in all of our lives in New Haven-- most class events are posted on our Yale SOM Class of 2014 Facebook page, and many 15-minute blocks of time result in inspiration from the abyss of social media. Thankfully, here at Yale SOM I can harness my love of Twitter for good! This fall, I joined the Yale Philanthropy Conference team as a Social Media Manager.  

YPCYPC ‏@YPC2013 #NewYearsResolution RT @unfoundation How Giving Became Cool Thanks, @NickKristof! #GoBold

Planned and executed entirely by MBA students here at SOM, YPC is an interdisciplinary forum that explores salient topics in philanthropy to foster dialogue, strengthen networks, and cultivate leadership in the sector. The YPC 2013 theme, “Integrated Perspectives Across the Sector," reflects the strength and importance of incorporating multiple perspectives in philanthropy and was inspired by our own integrated core curriculum.  

YPCYPC ‏@YPC2013 Numerous @YaleSOM Professors moderating at #YPC:@hamptonsjeffrey, @ThomasKolditz, @CanalesRo, Sharon Oster, and more: .

Clubs are a huge part of your first year at SOM and one of the best ways to get to work on a team with second year students. Over the past year, our fearless group of second year co-leaders have put together an outstanding group of speakers, and lined up keynote speaker: Jean Case. Twelve first year MBA students joined Libby, Sarah, and Lauren in September to help with marketing & outreach, finance & logistics, and media & fundraising. I have worked closely with another first year, Kyle, to make sure our social media efforts are coordinated and targeted towards the right audiences; it has been an incredible learning experience to join the philanthropy social media sphere! Over winter break I've been continuing my tweeting in addition to helping write a primer on US philanthropic trends, and comparing US giving to UK and Swedish trends. Once we get back to New Haven, we will only have a couple weeks before the event on February 1 at the Omni Hotel.

Until then, visit the YPC website today to learn more or register to join us for the conference. You can also follow YPC on Twitter and Facebook.

If you would prefer a small window into the inspiration of one student at SOM/FES, follow me on Twitter: @carrwest.