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Yale SOM's Kyle Jensen Serves as Judge at Yale's Annual Hackathon

Kyle Jensen, the Shanna and Eric Bass ’05 Director of Entrepreneurial Programs at Yale SOM, took a break from his usual duties last weekend to serve a a judge at YHack, Yale’s 36-hour marathon hacking competition, on the university’s West Campus. 

“YHack was shocking: 1,000+ students from all over North America hacking hardware and software in a Red Bull addled haze of 36 hours,” Jensen said afterwards. “I enjoyed judging the competition. More so, I enjoyed meeting young hackers from Yale and from my various alma maters, including high school. It was also a chance for me to geek out. In my role at SOM, I am derelict in my duties if we're not constantly talking about the customers and business model for a piece of technology. At YHack, I can just talk about the tech—and I love it.”

Photo by @asadmansr.