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Yale SOM's Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

A couple of weeks back the Diversity Committee of Student Government hosted a student panel regarding diversity in the modern work place and diversity and inclusion in general. This panel was extremely well attended and amazing, and I believe it represents a unique factor about Yale SOM: people at this school care not only about diversity, but they also care about inclusion. Diversity is a word that can mean many different things: e.g., background, culture, work experience, life experience, etc. SOM embraces all different types of diversity as is evident when we host “Explore Diversity” weekend in November. This weekend event is not only for ethnic/racial minorities, but women, international students and other diverse candidates. Attendees were pleasantly surprised at how well attended Explore Diversity programs were by current students; it is a cause we all rally around. I am extremely pleased that diversity and inclusion are constantly on display in our school culture, and that we constantly work to find ways to make the culture as inclusive for everyone as possible. The workshop I initially mentioned is representative of this culture, and the fact of the matter is that the more in tune an individual is with diversity and inclusion the more prepared he/she is for the dynamic global workplace that is prevalent today.