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Yale SOM Fantasy Football League

Before orientation last August, a then first-year sent out an email to the Class of 2012 listserv announcing the Yale SOM Fantasy Football league. The challenge was issued and with only 12 teams, the league was filled within an hour. We kicked off with an in-person draft during orientation and proceeded into the season, complete with trash talk, trading and apathy (one team in particular was guilty of this). After a remarkably competitive regular season which ended with yours truly (and my awesome co-owner) leading the pack, we entered the playoffs only to see "The Commish" magically win the league. After a long and restless off-season, we reconvened this August for our now annual fantasy draft. With a few additions to the league via co-owners, we picked up right where we left off - one sad owner even brought the exact same trash talk as last year. So far, so good - though I do wish we'd gather to watch games on Sundays a bit more (wink, wink Commish). While some may not even understand the concept of fantasy football, the 18 second-years in the league now have an incredible bond that will continue after we leave New Haven. With Fall 1 almost over, I challenge the first-year class to take a step back from classes and recruiting and establish something as memorable and enduring as we have with our league. While GPSCY, Mory's and Wicked Wolf are fun, they do have an expiration date.