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Yale Bulldogs: Doing it.

First Yale Bulldogs game of the year vs. Georgetown: Victory! The Wikipedia page for Ivy League describes it first and foremost as what it is now least known for: an athletic conference. Yes, the article may be correct to go on and describe current connotations of the group with phrases like “academic excellence, selectivity in admissions, and social elitism,” but Ivy is in fact a sports designation. This is even funnier to think about for eight teams that are invited to the playoffs but choose not to compete, but let’s just remember this: Yale has won nineteen college football national championships. The Bulldogs had the most all-time wins over any other college team until 2001. Shoot, Yale’s early twentieth century football coach, Walter Camp, is even known as the “father of American football.” Maybe we should get a little more credit. And if it helps to get this on your calendar because it’s too far to scroll down on your ESPN phone app, our 2010 schedule below: Sep. 18 – Georgetown – Crushed (W, 40-35) Sep. 25 – at Cornell Oct. 2 – Albany Oct. 9 – at Dartmouth Oct. 16 – Fordham Oct. 23 – Penn Oct. 30 – Columbia Nov. 6 – at Brown Nov. 13 – Princeton Nov. 20 – at Harvard I can’t deny it—I was a bit too focused on another important victory to come for my favorite SEC team tonight to follow the play-by-play for our boys in blue at the Yale Bowl, but reviewing the path to our five point victory over Georgetown makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Indeed, today’s big Bulldog win is a great start to what should be a pretty exciting season!