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Wrapping up Spring 1

There's a lot going on as February winds down: today is officially the end of Spring 1; students are finishing up exams and papers as I write this; there's a marketing conference happening here on campus; and all of my classmates are packing up for a few weeks away from campus. Together with Yale's Center on Consumer Insights, the Marketings Club is hosting its annual conference. The focus this year is Marketing and Innovation in a Shrinking World and it features a range of speakers including CMOs, a former CEO, a CEO-designate, and a host of other executives from global companies including GE, India's Jet Airways, Campbell's Soup, and MasterCard. Check out the Center for Consumer Insights as well as the other centers at SOM. Additionally, first- and second-year students are about to zip off to all corners of the world for both vacation and curriculum-related trips. For first-years, there will be ten days of free time followed by ten days of structured visits to a number of different countries on the International Experience. For second-years, it's three weeks of free time, whether relaxing nearby, or fitting in as much as possible somewhere abroad.