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Winter Break

Today was the last day of our exams and a bunch of us decided to celebrate over drinks and lunch. Maybe I'm being overly sentimental, but I never thought I would miss New Haven as much as I currently do, even as I sit amid the hustle and bustle of New York.Looking back on this semester, it has truly been rewarding. I felt pushed not just by the conversations we had in class about competitive strategy, levering betas, linear optimization... But more importantly, by the conversations outside of class with my peers about interpersonal dynamics, career insights and well, life in general. I find it very interesting to hear my peers' opinions as SOM has a very diverse student body and everyone brings something different to the table. This winter is going to be as jam-packed as the semester was. I'll be diving in the Bahamas then celebrating Christmas with my family in Vienna/Switzerland before heading off to San Francisco for a job trek with other SOMers. Only glitch is my plants will be neglected. Got a 椎茸 (shiitake) mushroom kit but leaving it to the care of my friend when I'm gone. Hopefully, little shiitakes would have sprouted by the time I'm back. Will update and hope everyone has a great break too!