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Why I had a great Valentine's Day

I could not have asked for a better Valentine’s Day. First, I woke up and realized that my significant other forgot about Valentine’s Day! It made me happy to see that she is just like me, busy and productive, and does not get overly caught up in this holiday (not that it is bad, it is just not my thing). But more relevant for this post, I saw the integrated curriculum at Yale SOM at its best. In my operations class we studied the movie industry and two great professors, Arthur Swersey (operations professor) and Keith Chen (behavioral econ professor), taught the class together. The class was unbelievable: I don’t think I have ever walked out of a classroom feeling more fulfilled from the academic experience and exhausted from laughing so hard. Both Art and Keith have great personalities and are extremely intelligent. The information we covered was rich, but more important is was pertinent to understand the current landscape of a market. The fact that economics/competition can be taught in such a dynamic fashion alongside operations is something that you will only see at SOM. This is one of the reasons I sincerely love being at SOM: on any given day you can have a life-altering experience that you did not even see coming.