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Where Have I Been?

I know this is a super late update from our international experience trips, but since we've been back things have been flying at us from all over. We've built sailboats and operated a manufacturing facility for operations engine, we've discussed hiring incentives (or lack thereof) for investment banks and other various entities for Employee, we've met with executives from the former Enron for State & Society and we've learned about the innovation of Honest Tea from the one and only (you'll understand when you're here)...for Innovator. Many of my classmates, myself included, are ecstatic about spring break in a couple weeks...not only because we're all in dire need of a little R&R but also because it means that when we return our electives will be in full swing :) Till then, I've got a couple photos from my time in Israel and Istanbul for you enjoyment (yes one is at Starbucks...I couldn't resist)!