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What I Learned From: Yale SOM Investment Banking Summer Interns

Gokhul Ramakrishnan ’22 shares his takeaways from a panel event featuring second-year MBA students discussing their investment banking summer internships.

During a March 24 panel event titled “What I Wish I Knew: How to be Successful in Your IB Internship,” second-year MBA students shared their summer internship experiences in investment banking with first-years who are heading into IB internships. The Finance Club hosted the event. Students shared best practices and touched on topics from how to find summer housing to technical and modeling preparation. A Q&A session followed.

MBA student Gokhul Ramakrishnan ’22 shares his takeaways.

How this speaker enriched my Yale SOM experience

This event gave me insight into what to expect during my internship from students who were in my position this time last year. It was a chance to mentally gear up and ensure that I’m preparing in the right ways. It also made me realize that that we should all try to connect with our cohorts as much as possible. They have all kinds of experiences and wisdom to share, and ultimately they’re the folks you’ll be around the most!

My biggest takeaway

When you start your IB internship, find a colleague early who’s willing to help you and answer the “simpler” questions that you might not be comfortable asking a superior. Also, learn to manage all the expectation you’ll be juggling on deadline.