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We've got talent.

If you think business school is all business—think again. By day we’re certainly budding economists, strategy superstars and operational engineers. By night, we’re something entirely different. Especially last night. At the annual Internship Fund’s Star Search Talent Show, the classes of 2011 and 2012 sang their hearts out, sometimes-not-so-wise-cracked, shimmied Gaga-style, busted out Backstreet, moonwalked and cross-dressed across the stage. I laughed. I cried (from laughing). I learned some sign language. And I will never see SOM in the same light. What made the evening particularly special was the driving force behind it: the Internship Fund. At SOM, we believe that everyone’s dream is worthwhile, regardless of a salary or title. The IF was designed to put this belief to practice, helping students pursue internships in the public, non-profit and social sectors without financial constraints, by offering financial assistance over the summer. The IF is entirely student run, and this past week entailed the first wave of fund raising. Over the course of the past 4 days, students pitched in over $40,000 for the cause, a truly impressive display of generosity. So while it’s true we have some impressive vocalists, musicians, dancers, film-makers and other talents, our real talent: is supporting each other. PS: Hats off to our bloggers Eddie, Bryce, Guy, Mudit and Jessica for giving stellar performances!