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Welcoming Class of 2013, meeting Class of 2014

Classes began this week for the Class of 2013. It's always wonderful to see a class come together here on campus, and this year is no different. The 229 students who make up the Class of 2013 are remarkably accomplished and impressive in a host of ways, and the way in which they have jelled as a group even this early in their first semester is a real pleasure to watch. To give a better sense of them, we've posted some statistics and facts about the class on our website. At the same time the Class of 2013 is arriving on campus, we in the Admissions Office are traveling around the world meeting potential members of the Class of 2014. This is always a fun and exciting time for us. We've already hosted a number of events both domestically and overseas -- including a trip to South America and a series of events here in the US on the value of an MBA for women that we hosted jointly with seven other MBA programs -- and have many more events coming up. Our schedule of upcoming events is listed on our website. The first one actually takes place today -- an online Application Tips Chat that I will host, which walks through the elements of the application and provides insights into how applicants can strengthen their candidacy. I'm looking forward to that online event, and I and the rest of the Admissions team look forward to meeting candidates both online and in person in the coming weeks and months.