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Welcome New Student Government Representatives!

At Yale SOM, opportunities to lead within the student body abound, whether it is through organizing events for classmates, club leadership, or Student Government. Students recently held Student Government elections, with the Class of 2016 and MAM Class of 2015 voting in class representatives for 16 first year and MAM chair positions!

With this new class of Student Government representatives, current 2nd Year Chairs are looking forward to a great year of new ideas and initiatives. Cliff Emmanuel, 2nd Year Clubs and Finance Chair, summarizes this excitement succinctly: “I’ve already been impressed by the energy and enthusiasm of the Class of 2016 and MAM Class of 2015. They’ve jumped right in and embraced everything at SOM, while also showing a desire to make the place their own. I’m looking forward to seeing how they can harness this passion and creativity make SOM a better place.” Rob Wu, 2nd Year Career Development Chair, echoes this sentiment: “I really appreciate that they (first years) have a fresh perspective and that they have the energy to do something about it.”

Emily Caruso ’15, Second-year
Marketing & Communications Chair

For 1st Year chairs, enthusiasm for their new roles in the community and upcoming SOM events are palpable. A few comments from SG’s newest members: 

I'm most looking forward to the Meet Your Senators event so that I can get to know everyone better. I'm also looking forward to bringing other graduate and professional schools to Evans Hall for targeted interactive events.

Umair Siddique, Class of 2016 Graduate and Professional School Senate representative

I'm most looking forward to getting to know the SG members better, contributing to student life in a way that I find meaningful, hopefully helping my fellow classmates have an easier life at SOM. 

– Hilde Dahmer, Class of 2016 Gold Cohort Representative

I'm excited to represent my cohort's voice to student government and the administration. SOM is full of smart people with transformative ideas so I can't wait to be a part of the change happening here.

– Karin Dillie, Class of 2016 Green Cohort Representative

Given the transition to Evans Hall and the changes to the curriculum and grading policy this year, I’m most looking forward to engaging both the first years and the second years to ensure that we are still able to maintain the tightly-knit, integrated culture that makes SOM so special and unique in the landscape of top business schools.

– Tanmay Manohar, Class of 2016 Silver Cohort Representative

I am really excited about the alumni mentorship program. As Rayyan (Class of 2015 Alumni Affairs Chair) and I discussed, we would like to conduct some surveys among the 2nd years and see what we can improve for the first years. I really hope that students can take full advantage of this problem and develop some long-term relationship with our alumni. 

– Vivien Shen, Class of 2016 Alumni Affairs Chair

Welcome aboard, new Student Government Representatives! Thank you for your enthusiasm and dedication to making Yale SOM the best it can be – this is going to be a fantastic year.

Your Student Government Elected Representatives, 2014-2015

Student Government President: Alexa Allen ’15
Academic Chairs: Laura Onelio ’15 & Noah Aptekar ’16
Admissions Chairs: Susan Zhou ’15 & Brittan Berry ’16
Alumni Affairs Chairs: Rayyan Kamal ’15 & Vivien Shen ’16
Career Development Chairs: Rob Wu ’15 & Justin Sun ’16
Clubs and Finance Chairs: Cliff Emmanuel ’15 & Chris Gillings ’16
Communications and Marketing Chairs: Emily Caruso ’15 & Smriti Bagry ’16
Student Life Chairs: Carson Li ’15 & Jacob Dreier ’16
Technology and Operations Chairs: Waleed Nasir ’15 & Linda Du ’16
Blue Cohort Representatives: Anne-Claire Roesche ’15 & Jessica Gallegos ’16
Gold Cohort Representatives: Graham Browne ’15 & Hilde Dahmer ’16
Green Cohort Representatives: Rachel Levy ’15 & Karin Dillie ’16
Silver Cohort Representatives: Phil Andraos ’15 & Tanmay Manohar ’16
Graduate & Professional Student Senators: Eric Gershman ’15, Hugo Santillan ’15, Ashley Tucker ’16, Umair Siddique ’16, Annie Chor MAM ’15
MAM Representative: Rami Sheikh El Art, MAM ’15