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Watch Highlights from Diversity@YaleSOM Discussions—and Join Us for Upcoming Events

Jourdan BrooksWe are excited to share a recap of our Diversity@YaleSOM series from the fall of 2020. These events provided prospective students with insights into the perspectives and lived experiences of current students and alumni who represent many of our affinity organizations, including the Association for Latin American and Hispanic Students, Black Business Alliance, Consortium cohorts, Out of Office, Women in Management, and Veterans Club.
Watch this video to get snapshots of each of our fall events. If you’d like to explore further, you can watch complete recordings of the events below.
We’re also excited to announce that our spring Diversity@YaleSOM series begins on February 24 with Yale SOM Perspectives: Black Voices. You can learn about upcoming events and register on our website. I look forward to meeting you at our events this spring!

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Jourdan Brooks
Associate Director of Community and Inclusion

Fall 2020 Diversity@YaleSOM Events

Yale SOM Students of Color Online Panel

Yale SOM Online LGBTQ+ Student Panel

Online Women’s Student Panel


Yale SOM Consortium Student Perspectives

Yale SOM Alumni of Color Perspectives

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