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Veterans Day spotlight: Matt Treviño, SOM '14

Today is Veterans Day. In my class at SOM we have current and former Army officers, a Navy submarine officer and a Navy intel officer, at least one Air Force officer, and an Israeli F-16 pilot. These are some of the most impressive men and women in my class.

I'm not only grateful for their service, I'm also grateful to have the chance to learn from them at SOM. Let me give a shout-out to one veteran in particular: Matt Treviño, SOM '14. Matt and I are members of the same four-person SOM learning team, so we see a lot of each other. He is a level-headed, unpretentious leader and a data-driven problem solver. Matt grew up in rural Texas and comes from a military family: his dad spent 20 years as an enlisted Marine. Matt distinguished himself as an Air Force lieutenant prior to SOM, and he did his SOM interview from Afghanistan via Skype. At Yale, he is an active member of the Veterans Club and the Latino Leadership Association. I'm lucky to get to learn from Matt and other classmates who served in the armed forces. The SOM class of 2014 is grateful for your service. And we're lucky to be your classmates now.