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The Unpublished Posts

Besides encouraging an interesting and diverse cross-section of the SOM community to contribute to the blog, the blog coordinator's powers are pretty mundane, e.g. being able to filter spam or allowed to be as cheesy as I want. But I uncovered a potentially useful power yesterday: accessing drafted-but-unpublished posts. Bloggers from years past wrote but refrained from publishing to the public a few posts. What vile observations about Yale SOM did these former students want to keep from the light of day? Our International Experiences were unbelievable. - [name withheld], Class of 2010 Praise? An anomaly, surely. Let's check the next unpublished post. I found it deeply inspiring to realize that I could be thrown into a random group of people who would be able to bring so many different perspectives to bear on the problem: again, not simply in the act of answering the question, but also in determining a successful method for approaching such a broad topic in such a short period of time. - [name withheld], Class of 2010 Huh. More praise. In two hours, after my last class of the day, my first year will be over. So looking back... what were my likes and dislikes? What would I have done differently? [continued below] Aha! “What would I have done differently?” We’ll find some dirt here, surely. [continued from above] Likes: Orientation reception inside the New York Stock Exchange; Living with two other SOM first years; Learning; Living on Mansfield Street, a 5-minute walk from SOM; International Experience; and going one week early to tour! Dislikes: Assigned seating. - [name withheld], Class of 2008 Wait, only ONE dislike? But it says “dislikeS”! So misleading. Well, how about this one about faculty. Surely there would be complaints about aloof professors at an institution like Yale. Chances to meet and talke candidly and casually [with professors] in a forum such as this remind me of the great benefits of the SOM community. When homework, coursework and internship searches become a demanding grind typical of any business school, there is little better remedy than the reminder of the commitment and support of faculty and fellow students. - [name withheld], Class of 2010 Thwarted again. I guess the power to see these former students' true feelings wasn’t useful at all. Back to filtering spam.