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The New Haven Bucket List

As we wrap our penultimate semester at Yale SOM, a lot of my classmates have increasingly started talking about the things we must do before we enter the real world again. Someone mentioned the New Haven Bucket List, inspired by the extremely mediocre Jack Nicholson/Morgan Freeman flick, and got me thinking about the things I have done/must do before graduation. So, here we go: 1. Go to the Peabody Museum. There's a few more weeks before Yale returns the Inca artifacts to Peru. Its literally half a block from SOM. Fun fact: they have the first discovered T-Rex tooth. 2. Sally's-Pepe's-Modern-Bar. Repeat as necessary. 3. The Rose Reading Room at Sterling is an amazing study space. For a Gothic-inspired building it has shockingly abundant natural light. 4. What do you mean you haven't had a cup at Mory's? 5. The Beinecke Rare Book collection is fantastic. Multiple copies of the Gutenberg Bible, Birds of America, First Folios and the rare Hamlet quarto. 6. East Rock Park = Perfect Fall picnic spot. 7. The original J. Press store on Broadway, for the sartorially sentient. See also: Clinton Crossing Premium Outlets 8. Brush up on another language - we're surrounded by polyglots, and in the global world, another language is always handy. Even Dean Oster got in on the action and asked for help with spoken Chinese. Who wants to help me with my German? 9. Go to an FES party - although, this year SOM has given them stiff competition for the school with the best parties. 10. All you can eat sushi at Sushi Palace in Hamden. This should need no further explanation.