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The Full-time Job Search Process

For second-year students returning from summer internships, this fall marks the time where we begin to lock in full-time jobs for next summer/fall. Many of my peers in banking and consulting already know if they are returning to their summer employers, as those two industries typically extend offers in late August and early September. Other industries usually respond later into September and early October. Many students also choose to build on their summer internship experiences and apply to entirely different fields. Often times, employers take the SOM resume book and reach out to students. I just got an email from FBI recruiters encouraging me to apply to a special agent position. Crazy! [And, I'm sure they are reading this post right now...]My internship took me to the San Francisco Bay area to work for Google. The company definitely lived up to the hype and I learned a tremendous amount about its internal operations. The summer was made even better by living with two other SOM students, one who was working for Apple in supply chain management and another who worked with me at Google in the Analytics division. Add in all the other SOM students interning in the Bay area and you've got a recipe for an unforgettable summer! {pics are of the SF Palace of Fine Arts and some random bridge we saw on an evening walk.} I was also struck by the larger SOM community in San Francisco. Last January, some of us went on a job trek to the Bay area and got to meet up with local alums at the Yale club. Pharma, tech, finance - you name it, we have SOM alums doing amazing things in SF! This summer was no different, as we met up with SOM alums (including our newly minted grads from 2011!) and talk about everything from jobs to our new dean and campus. It's comforting to know that if my next career takes me across the country, Yale and SOM will be there with me!

Golden Gate Bridge at night