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The Curriculum Rolls On

Today marks the end of Fall 1 here at school, with the first half of the semester coming to a close. For first year students, exams are just now wrapping up for a variety of courses. Time for a quick breather, right? Well, not quite... All of the first years, myself included, are glad to have made it through exams, but things won't slow down for long. Next week we'll jump into a full schedule of workshops and courses on leadership. Most of the second year students, meanwhile, will take a much-deserved week off for fall break. The first years will soon launch into the Organizational Perspectives courses that set apart the school's integrated curriculum. There's a good amount of anticipation among my classmates as we get ready for the focused courses with titles like Investor, Competitor, Customer, and others. Read more about SOM's integrated curriculum here or see the course map that lays everything out in a diagram. As Randy pointed out recently, time really does fly.