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Taking Your Leadership Game on the Road

Business school provides a number of outlets for leadership. From group work to student government and other student organizations, many students take on leadership positions during their time in business school. However, I believe that it is important to take the leadership tools developed in school “on the road” for the betterment of the greater community.In 2012 I have served as the President of Outstanding Atlanta, Inc., a leadership recognition and development program. Sure, running a program in Atlanta from New Haven has been no easy feat (and there were even some within the organization that were skeptical of my ability to get the job done from afar). But I have accomplished more with less, and as a lawyer you learn all of the amazing things that can be done via email and conference calls. One of my goals this year was for Outstanding Atlanta to have more substantive programming that really shared information about innovative leadership techniques. On May 31 I was able to turn my vision into reality by organizing the “Breaking the Mold 1.0” leadership award and speaker series in Atlanta, Georgia. OA recognized 6 top leaders in the Atlanta community (entrepreneurs, school leaders, corporate leaders and community leaders) and I moderated a panel whereby these leaders were able to share some of their thoughts on leadership with a crowded room of aspiring leaders. I always say that an experience is only valuable if you are able to share it with others. I encourage all of us to find ways to share important information in an effort to build other people and provide them with opportunities. I also encourage business school students to not forget about building bridges outside of business school so that you can further expand your network and your experience base. Business school provides us with great tools, don’t be afraid to put them to use in the world while you are still in school.