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Study Group - The Second Year Version

I'm going to piggyback on the last blog post by Alex about study groups. Study groups are a really cool part of SOM because of the diversity of experience that each one is comprised of - and for many of us, also a microcosm of social life. I am still amazed by how much I learnt in the first year from all of my classmates not just in terms of academics, but also working styles, study methods and general life experience (like how to make the world's best chili). My study group was also very diverse and I just left a "reunion" dinner at Modern Pizza where the eight of us got to catch up and see each other again. Our internships reflected very different interests, and our eight summer employers were companies in insurance, consulting, credit ratings, medical devices, education, renewable energy, finance and advertising. The class of 2011 starts their classes tomorrow and I could not be more excited to reconnect with old study buddies and also work with classmates I havent taken classes with before. A year ago I was in one of SOM's breakout room with my study group trying to make sense of the econ problem set, and figuring out how the personalities in the room would coexist through the first year. Little did I know we would become good friends who as a group consume shocking amounts of pizza. Go G5!