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Spring 1 Wrap Up

Things have truly moved at a breakneck pace this quarter and its time to once again look back on what has happened, while I sit in on a poetry reading at one of my favorite cafes, Koffee on Audubon. The start of the semester was really hectic while I grappled with recruiting, SOM Outreach and 6 classes. For now, I will be joining BCG for the summer and am really looking forward to it.

February was also particularly eventful as I helped organized a Chinese New Year dinner with the New York Singapore Association. Being so far away from home made it particularly satisfying to be able to reconnect and celebrate the occasion with so many other Singaporeans. Another highlight of Spring 1 is Star Search, part of the fundraising efforts by the Yale SOM Internship Fund. I enjoyed watching my classmates perform and was honestly blown away by the level of talent we have here. For spring break, I will first be going home to Singapore, then dropping by Hong Kong to visit my sister. Very, very excited to go home but even more excited about International Experience. I will be going to Chile with about 20 other classmates and visiting organizations like the Finance Ministry and LarrainVial. Visit this blog again during the 2nd week of March as students from different trips will be blogging about their experiences in Korea, Japan, China, Israel, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Hungary, Russia and India!