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SOM – School of Stars

It’s been a month since the class of 2013 started classes and it has been a very exciting and intense month! We have gotten to know each other, felt the camaraderie in our cohorts, studied hard, joined clubs and partied even harder. But the most important thing, we discovered the traditions of Yale and the school of Management. There are several “Must Do” things that you should try in New Haven in between your MBA hectic life: • Go to Mory’s and drink from trophy cups • Go to GPSCY on a Thursday and try to get the free beer (even better if our DJ Skoolio is playing) • Find your favorite food cart • Study in the hall of mirrors • Try Pizza from Pepe’s or Sally’s • Sing some Karaoke in Wicked Wolf • Chase the Cheese Truck from Caseus to get some good Grilled Cheese Sandwich Last Thursday, after our traditional closing bell, we had our first Home-Grown Stand-up Comedy night, hosted by Andy Lebwohl. First years and second years showed us that they rock not only as business leaders of tomorrow, but also as rising comedy stars. Our class representation, Smita Venkat and Bryan Tseng were terrific, they made the audience die of laughter! Congrats!

One thing I learned from this first month is that SOM is a school of stars: comedy, sports (football, hockey, crew), cooking, media, hiking, teaching languages …