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Small School, Big University

One of the many qualities that sets SOM apart is its small size compared to many of its peer institutions. The current MBA student body includes an average of about 225 students per class. As a result, there's a genuine feeling of community on campus. But it's important to remember that we're also members of the larger Yale community. So while our focus is on our time here on the SOM campus, we also have access to everything the University has to offer. To give two brief examples, this morning I and a few other SOM students sat in on a discussion with members of the Yale World Fellows program on issues of religious tolerance in current events here in the U.S. The World Fellows program gathers emerging leaders from throughout the world. The chat included their diverse views as well as those of students from several of Yale's various schools and members of the New Haven community. And this weekend many of us will converge on our grad-student-run pub to celebrate a few birthdays and our return to school. The pub serves the University's many graduate school and represents a common place for the grad students to mingle. These are just two examples of how our small community benefits from being a part of the bigger University community.