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Second Semester: Settling Into Evans Hall & Looking Ahead to Management Practicums

Exciting times at SOM! It is the start of the third week of spring semester. Everyone seems to have settled really well into the new environment by embracing the transparency theme of Evans Hall. Transparency is important in today's business and society and thus it has been given special emphasis at Yale SOM. Not only is the building a majestic piece of art, its architecture certainly adds diversity to the beautiful gothic architecture you will find across Yale University.

Speaking of diversity, SOM has certainly achieved this milestone by becoming a truly global US business school. The recent entry to FT top 10 is a testament that Yale is set to rise further in the years to come. With Evans Hall we have certainly gone more global. Imagine a class room at Yale with participants joining in from Japan, Ireland, Spain, Singapore, Hong Kong from the 25 partner schools of Yale across 5 continents that form the GNAM network. A glimpse of this was experienced at Evans Hall where Wilbur Ross Chairman of the Bank of Ireland presented a case at Yale SOM with students from IE Business School and Smurfit Business School joining from Spain and Ireland.

With the inauguration of Evans, we were pleased to learn that the MAM program was kept in special focus during the designing of Evans Hall. David Bach in his inaugural address to the MAM community explained how the building facilities complement the MAM program structure as it forms the core of SOMs future growth strategy. The future cohorts are set to experience this brilliance at the Yale SOM. This year is turning out to be a great year for MAM program as the first round admissions draws to a close, the number of applications continues to rise. So the prospective candidates reading this blog should consider applying early. Rest assured, the MAM is a fantastic experience, open only for a niche group students who are seeking broad insights on niche knowledge available only to the top talent of the world.

Moving on to the interactions, the MAM students met Judith Samuelson, a former SOM Alum, who works at Aspen Institute of Business. Our discussion entailed on how business and society converge and how the business should complement each other. A interesting view that was shared by Judith Samuelson was that while the business needs to make high quality product they also need to think about their corporate social responsibilities by acting responsibly. The aspect of ownership of society is really important for today’s businesses as they strive to thrive in competitive markets.

Finally, the Management Practicums are here. Kudos to Ian Rogan, the MAM community is now engaging entities like JP Morgan, Alcoa, B-lab and many more with aim to have more interaction with the industry to solve real business problems. For my team, we will be working with JP Morgan Chase Foundation  to determine the greatest challenges and obstacles to financial inclusion and promoting financial capability in the three regions that the JPM Foundation serves, including Asia Pacific (APAC), Latin America (LATAM), and Europe and the Middle East (EMEA). We will analyse programs by other financial institutions to promote the financial capability of consumers in these regions for JP Morgan.