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Scattered for the Summer

It's been several weeks now since the Class of 2011 received their degrees (there are a few photos and a brief write-up) and left New Haven to pursue whatever post-MBA life has in store for them. Meanwhile, those of us in the Class of 2012 are busy with summer internships. The positions range from finance and consulting and brand management to tech companies, education, startups, and nonprofits. We're getting to work through balance sheet and marketing mix problems in large, established multinationals. We're planning out new programs and new initiatives for startups. We have the chance to compare the first year of our business school experience with that of fellow interns from other schools. And a handful of classmates are building out their own businesses this summer with the support of Yale's program for entrepreneurs. And the locations are truly spread everywhere. Along with a heavy presence in the New York area, my classmates can be found in New Haven, Boston, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Houston, Seattle, LA, and the Bay Area. Outside the US, we're in London, Brussels, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hanoi, Lagos, Freetown, Cairo, Cartagena, Puebla, and many more. My own internship experience has been great so far this summer and I'm excited to get back to campus and hear what my classmates, scattered around the world, have been up to.