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Santa Claus is coming to the haunted houses

Friends in the tropics, if you ever wonder how a Christmasy Halloween experience looks like, then you've come to the right blogpost! Yesterday morning came our first snow of the year. It was only October - no wonder the squirrels around campus had been extremely busy preparing for Winter last week. SOMers, on the other hand, were caught off-guard by the snow storm because we were having our long anticipated Halloween party last night! Our student government had it well said: We won’t let 6 inches of snow stop the party! Halloween festivities are still on for today, starting at 4 PM at 218 Mansfield. Full schedule is below. Winter coats over your costume, just like your mom made you do for trick-or-treating. In response to the summon, we had a great turn out. Starting from 4pm, hordes of weird creatures started to invade 4 haunted houses in the Mansfield area (thanks to the cohort members who "donated" and decorated their apartments). It was freezing outside, but it was sizzling hot inside. Even I, a brainless zombie, got to appreciate the creativity and diversity that his awesome classmates put into the party! I saw spider meat, cat meat, frog meat, etc.