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Round 1 Update

Now that roughly a month has passed since our first application deadline, I thought it would be a good time to give a quick update on where we stand in the process. We're still very much in the midst of reviewing applications and sending out interview invitations. At this point, we've extended roughly two-thirds of the invitations that we will ultimately send out for the round. Although this means that the majority of invitations have already gone out, it also means that we still have many more left to extend. We hope to invite the remaining candidates as soon as possible to give people enough time to schedule their interview before our December 16 Round 1 decision notification date. At the same time that we are reviewing applications, we are also continuing to offer ways to connect with the Yale SOM community and learn more about the school. For example, among other events, we are hosting an online chat with internationl students on December 10; I will personally be holding an application tips chat on November 18; and we will have our annual Open House event here on campus on December 3. A full list of events is on our website.