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Reflections on Fall 1

I recently had the opportunity to participate in an admissions event, Fall Friday for Women. If you're not familiar, it's an event that SOM sponsors once a year in the fall to host prospective female students and allow them to meet women faculty, alumni and students from around SOM and learn about our curriculum (which, by now, all of us in 2012 are quite well-versed in). I was one of those prospective female students attending this event last year, so it was interesting to be on the other side. First, it's hard to believe that it was precisely a year ago that I was going through the MBA admissions process (so glad that's over with!). Second, the event brought back all the memories from that visit that crystallized for me the reasons I wanted to attend SOM (such as, the day before, attending a session of Keith Chen's Game Theory class). Now, one year later (a year that went by in a whirlwind), I’m already done with the first set of classes in SOM’s core curriculum (aka Fall 1). It's amazing to think how far we've all come in just seven short weeks. Speaking for not just myself, but I believe the majority of my fellow students, we've learned an incredible amount, often without even realizing just how much we were learning. And the learning didn't just take place in the classroom; some of the most important learning has taken place in team projects, formal and informal study groups, career events, and alumni interactions. I can't wait to see what Fall 2 has to bring.