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Parties, Paintball, Ping-Pong and Platforms

Some quick hits as we continue through our relentless schedules:

1) The bonding between the two classes of MBA students continued on Saturday with an unofficial, all-school "Old School" party thrown and funded by the first-years. Other schools made their way over too.

2) What better way to follow that up than by running through the woods trying to surprise and outflank each other? A second-year organized a paintball trip Sunday afternoon. It turns out he planned his own end -- the first-years beat the second-years 2 games to 0 before we decided to go with cross-class teams. I could spin this by saying the event was about teambuilding or strategy or communication, but it was just for fun.

3) Dean Oster and Professor Keith Chen challenged students to ping pong on Tuesday. By the time I left, Dean Oster was still undefeated, despite Prof. Chen's channeling the "power of economics". Apparently the force is stronger in the Dean! 4) Student government campaigning wraps up with what promises to be an entertaining set of speeches this afternoon. ~40 candidates are running for 13 positions. And no matter who wins, we all win! Clearly at SOM, we work hard and play hard.