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ode to the second years

so my first year has winded down, and i find myself suddenly in that undefined space between "have to get to my internship at some point" and "well, why not kick it in new haven for a few days and make the most of it, june 1st is pretty far away." i've leaned on the latter for many of the last few days, and have no regrets about it. the reason why? half of the school is departing, and though they don't make a big deal about it, i've taken a particular interest in hanging out with my departing elders (although the whole "seniors" thing is funny, since everyone here is the same age anyways.) but i know i am not alone when i say that i will truly miss the guidance and leadership of the amazing people in the second year class.

you guys and girls are great and awesome, and it has been a pleasure working alongside y'all. we take the gauntlet whole-heartedly (hey random aside, but Class of 2011, look out for the cohort barbeques in the fall because they will be awesome.) this community and this school is going to miss everything you've done here, but at the same time knows that each of you will go off and continue to do the same amazing things that brought you here in the first place, but better. so deal with the burden. best.