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Meet the Case Competition Club

Under a clear blue sky, students from the Class of 2016 and the MAM class gathered around blue tables in the Evans courtyard on August 28. They mingled with club leaders, hoping to find answers to a pressing question: how should I spend my time at SOM outside the classroom? It was exactly during this time last year at the annual Club Fair that I learned about the Case Competition Club (C3), and decided to not only join the club, but also to join as a club leader.

Case competitions provide opportunities for students to apply classroom learning to solving real-world, complex business problems. They bring together students from top business schools around the world, industry experts, and sometimes, recruiters. They are not only wonderful learning experiences, but also great for networking. I have met students who received job offers or became top candidates for job openings through these events. So, if you are curious and want to know what case competitions are all about, I would recommend–just do it.

Last year, SOM competed in 16 events, with stellar first-place finishes at the following competitions:

  • Duke Emerging Markets Energy Competition  (Paull Randt ’14, William Miao ’14, Eitan Hochster ’15, Pablo Montes-Iannini ’15, Becky Gallagher ’15)
  • Ross Renewable Energy Case Competition (Fernando Herrero ’14, Michael Puckett ’14, Noah Walker ’14, Lara Burmeister ’14, Eugene Leytush ’15)
  • ACG Private Equity Cup (Ricardo de Rojas ’14, Kalil Diaz ’14, Tom Melton ’14, Zoe Wang ’15.)

We received five second-place finishes, and three divisional winner titles. C3 plans to send teams to more than 20 competitions this year. We look forward to continue enhancing the collaborative student experience at SOM as well as seeing stronger finishes than before!