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MAM Core Curriculum -- Advanced Management Boardroom (AMB)

Earlier this term we had the first session of the Advanced Management Boardroom (AMB), featuring Bob Diamond, former CEO of Barclays, where we discussed global financial markets and the European debt crisis. Dean Snyder kindly hosted the session at his home.

AMB is core to the leadership development curriculum of MAM students. It provides us precious opportunities to discuss current hot spots in the global economy with leading senior executives from across industries. Just as the mission of SOM mentions, "to educate leaders for business and society", the most important part of "educating leaders" at SOM is the leadership development curriculum and activities. An important way to develop our leadership effectiveness is to learn from real world leaders and this happens for the MAM students during the AMB sessions. Though a series of small-setting, off-the-record conversations between us and leading senior executives from across industries, we can learn how these successful executives make decisions when they encounter problems, their career development history, and their different perspectives on global economic events such as the European debt crisis, subprime mortgage crisis, emerging market investment, and so on. My experience at Yale is changing my view of the world, my way of thinking and my communication style. It is providing me with a wealth of perspectives, and expanding my vision to see both the forest and the trees. I learned how to put a detailed event in a larger perspective, how to think systematically and how to better understand others when I communicate with them. Most importantly for me, I think my time here will make me more successful in my future career.