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Love is blind!

At the risk of sounding hopelessly in love, I can't believe how much I missed New Haven when I was away for the summer! I was in one of the country's most beautiful cities (San Francisco), working for the awesomest employer (Sephora), and gorging on the most delicious food (check: And yet, all I did was pine to be back! Why, one might ask? Well, after a bit of introspection, here are my initial 5 hypotheses: 1. What else: GPSCY! 2. There are 235 (and counting) people one knows, even if only by face, so nothing ever feels unfamiliar or lonesome! 3. [som-12] calendar invites make the weekends so much more worth looking forward to! 4. Shuttles! Gotta miss being picked up and dropped off at one's doorstep and not waiting endlessly for the MUNI 5. When you leave school exhausted and hungry from study group meetings at 8pm, chances are that the Mexican cart will still be around :D Or better still, there will be free sandwiches and cookies in HOM! Ok, granted. This might not be a comprehensive list, and that HBS has Harvard Square and R. Charles. But then, as they say, love IS blind!