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Learning about Leadership

It's been quite the week and I've learned an awful lot. Although plenty of learning happens in the classroom, it seems almost as much happens when speakers come to campus and share their thoughts for an hour. This past week has been a true indicator of that. - Last Tuesday, Paul Krugman spoke about economics and politics to a packed house - On Wednesday, we heard from classmates who are Veterans about leadership and management in the military - Later that evening, the Venerable Tenzin Priyadarshi shared his thoughts on leadership, ethics, and managing in large organizations - Thursday brought former US Attorney General Michael Mukasey to share his thoughts/opinions on The War on Terror - On Friday a group of us went to Hartford to watch Warren Miller's Wintervention (which has nothing to do with leadership, but now I'm stoked to ski this winter!) - Yesterday, Prof. Andrew Metrick spent his lunch hour telling us about his year in Washington, DC on the President's Council for Economic Advisors - That afternoon, I heard General Stanley McChrystal share lessons he's learned about leadership gathered from a distinguished military career - Today I'm going to listen to Kim Jeffrey, the CEO of Nestle Waters North America, talk about leading with sustainability in mind Leadership is one of those things that is really difficult to teach, but I'm constantly learning how to lead more effectively by listening to those that do it well.