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Katie Rae ’97 of Techstars Leads a Brainstorm Session at Yale SOM

Katie Rae ’97, the managing director of a top tech accelerator called Techstars, visited campus this week to talk about entrepreneurship in an event hosted by the Women in Management Club.

Rather than lecture about her life or Techstars, Katie took an unexpected approach and interacted with the crowd extensively. It was a great opportunity to get this type of access to an entrepreneur.

For the first portion of the lecture time, Katie asked the large crowd of students for volunteers with ideas. She brought them to the front and then guided them through their ideas, inviting the audience to contribute.

At the end, Katie broke the group down into smaller groups and encouraged everyone to collaborate on ideas and brainstorm new ones.

The audience of students left feeling excited about their potential ventures, I know I certainly did.

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