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Joint Degrees: Summer Edition 2014

As I quickly approach the end of my second year of the joint MBA/MEM program here at Yale, my mind naturally turns to summer. Long summer days, BBQ’s, and warm weather are all things I ache for after a tough New Haven winter.

This year has been just as rich as my first first – my classes have been challenging, I’ve gone to incredible talks, and my classmates have pushed me to think in new and different ways. Summer provides unique opportunities to take our new skills and apply them in real world settings. Prospective students often overlook the role that summer can play in designing your own curriculum and the great way it can be used to leverage an opportunity in a field that you are interested in.

As a joint degree, I have two chances to try something new. Last summer I worked at the non-profit Environmental Defense Fund on a project increasingcorporate water efficiency. In the coming months, I’ll be working for GE in its renewable energy division. I’m excited to work on another issue that I care about, but also to get taste of the private sector and put my hard-earned MBA skills to work. Not to mention all the backpacking and cycling I’ll get to do in the nearby Adirondacks.

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