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Internship Fund Auction Results

The Internship Fund had its most successful auction in recent memory. It began Monday with the opening of the silent auction, which was conducted entirely online this year. Students and Faculty were glued to the Live Auction Results on the Hall of Mirror screens all week (see below).

SOM students watch the bidding in real time in the Hall of Mirrors

On Thursday afternoon, the halls were filled with cheers as bidding wars came to an end and winners were declared. Personally, I was thrilled to walk away with Moonwalking dance lessons from my classmate Mircea. Other hotly contested items were a summer apartment in NYC, Chinese Dumpling Cooking Lessons, Dinner in Boston with Dean-designate Edward A. Snyder, Museum Tour and Lunch at the Met, and Lunch with Newsweek CEO Tom Ascheim (SOM '90). The Live Auction was Thursday night and lived up to its reputation as being one of the funnest nights of the year. I can't decide on one particular highlight, but watching professors and students bidding against each another, the outfits, the auctioneers, and Prof. Keith Chen demonstrating the fubar were all at the top of my list. Between the silent auction, live auction, ticket sales, and other revenue, the Internship Fund grossed over $50,000 last week! Many thanks to the SOM Community (which extended far beyond campus with a proxy-bid winning a Doug Rae bow tie) for making such an important cause so much fun.