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Internship Fund Auction

Last week we had the Internship Fund Auction, which is part of the Internship Fund fundraising campaign. I think the Internship Fund is one of the most unique aspects of Yale SOM. For a profile of internships that students have taken with the help of the Internship Fund, click here. The auction is definitely one of the highlights of the fundraising campaign and this year $53,000 was raised from the auction alone. Everyone at Yale SOM chipped in to make it a success, both in terms of bidding and donating items/services. I personally will be conducting a cupcakes and champagne get-together with Sarah Selim'13 and won 3 bids, including a lunch with Professor Douglas Rae at Mory's. There were over 100 items that were up for bid. A small snapshot:

  • Home-brewing beer tutorial

  • Golf weekend with Dean Snyder

  • Weekends at vacation homes

  • Lunch with Jim Chanos

  • Complete Russian Experience in NYC

  • Squash/Yoga/Tennis/Surfing lessons

  • BBQ with Stanley McChrystal and Professor Jim Levinsohn

  • 2-day 1-night hike across the Presidential Range in the White Mountain

The best thing about bidding? Knowing that it all goes towards a good cause.