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International Month

It is International Month at Yale SOM! Little disclaimer, I am part of the organizing committee for International Month, so pardon me if I sound overly enthusiastic.

International Month celebrates the diversity at Yale SOM, where international students make up about a third of the student body, which is amazing given that we are a cozy population of 400ish.As part of the celebrations, there is a series of presentations by students about their home countries to share their culture with fellow students. This year, we have 23 presentations spread over 4 weeks, from countries such as Zimbabwe, Bulgaria, Sri Lanka, Kuwait and Singapore. With 40 attendees at every presentation, we are looking to reach a combined 400 participants in total. As an organizer, I am very heartened and motivated by everyone's joint efforts, taking time out of their busy schedules to share their knowledge. To me, it is just another personal example of the collaborative culture at Yale SOM. The International Food Festival will cap off International Month with a bang, as 18 countries will be presenting their local cuuisine to the SOM community. It is one of the biggest events every year at SOM and the last time it will be held at Donaldson Commons so I am truly excited for it and will definitely post about it.