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IE Russia/Hungary: Kremlin and Red Square

After days of meetings with government officials, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, we visited the famous Kremlin and Red Square on the last day of our trip in Moscow. It is necessary to understand the Russian history and the Tsar’s rein in order to get a better idea of the current Russian political and economic situations. The Kremlin is separated into two zones. The tourism zone includes museums, cathedrals and art galleries, while the government zone is the president office (of course, we don’t have access to this zone. It’s heavily armed!)

White and red is the main architecture color inside the Kremlin. It is amazing that Tsar could build such a state-of-the-art palace hundreds of years ago

Handsome Dan is scrolling over a cannon inside the Kremlin. Revolution is the essence of the Russian society since Lenin’s period, and arm force is a symbol of revolution.

The Red Square, the St. Basil’s Cathedral and the clock tower. This is also where the Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol was filmed. Remember the clock tower and the Kremlin was blown up by the nuclear terrorist in the movie?