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IE India: Meeting with Bollywood Star Anil Kapoor

Maybe you have seen Slumdog Millionaire? Or Season 8 of “24”? Or possibly even Mission Impossible 4? If so, then you have seen Anil Kapoor in action; a Bollywood movie star in India and a rising star in Hollywood in the United States. Hearing Mr. Kapoor speak was a true honor. He is an extremely gracious man and was glad to have a candid sit-down conversation with our group. One of the things that interested me most was his description of Bollywood. While Bollywood movies are extremely popular in India, Mr. Kapoor is concerned about the impediments preventing Bollywood movies to become a true global phenomenon such as the limited budgets and the simplistic content. In an effort to take a step forward on resolving these issues, Mr. Kapoor has purchased the right to shoot the FOX hit “24” in India.