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IE India: Holi

Holi is celebrated all over India with the changing of the seasons. One evolving interpretation of Holi is of the celebration of equality. To some people in India, having everyone covered in colorful paint means we are all the same despite clear differences in race, religion, etc. Thanks to the generosity of the Chairman of Skil Infrastructure, Nikhil Gandhi and his wife, our group is treated to beautiful performances of song and dance as well as an amazing array of food. Within these confines, our hostess marks each of our foreheads with red powder. At some point, we exit the venue briefly for a short walk to the beach where we get a brief taste of how the majority of India celebrates Holi. As we playfully throw powder, we soon capture the attention of boys ready to pelt us with wonderful colors at any sign of encouragement. Safety is the first priority so after a few moments of friendly chaos, we head back, a fantastic mobile rainbow.