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I Love Fall

Late Summer and early Fall are great times of year. The temperature is cooling off slightly, and change is in the air as students head back to school. I am from the South, so of course another great thing about Fall is that football season starts! But I digress . . . I have been back at Yale SOM this week, and the buzz on the campus is great. We have an outstanding first year class and they are already working hard preparing for a busy term. I love the energy around this place generally, but it is special right now. Also, I take pride in the fact that as a second year one of my duties is to ensure we provide support to our first years so that they can be successful (however they define success) in all of their endeavors (academic, professional and personal). As a Consortium liaison I am truly looking forward to building the Consortium’s brand on campus and providing more information about what the Consortium is and what role it plays. But more importantly, I am excited to be a resource for all of our first years. At all business schools there can feel like there is a wall between the 1st and 2nd year students because their lives are so different. But I think the Class of 2012 did a good job starting to break down that wall, and that the Class of 2013 will “finish the drill” and really open up the channels of communications between the classes. Great things will happen this term, so stay tuned!