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Hoorah Professor Schott!

I was thrilled to see that Professor Schott won the core curriculum teaching award. This was the first year that the Global Macroeconomy was offered, so I'm one of the twenty or so brave second years that opted to re-enter the world of the Core with the Class of 2011 to learn the art of IS-LM curves. So consider that

(1) Professor Schott was teaching a brand new course, 1 quarter macro, and
(2) Professor Schott most definitely taught the largest portion of the student body in a single course this year(with the larger 1st year class and the 20 of us, I'd say 60% of current SOM students were in this class.)

Despite these difficult factors, Macro was awesome. Although the curves got a little complicated, Professor Schott was patient, clear, and methodical with his explanations of exactly when the Full Employment curve would actually move right, the Keynesian vs. Classical views of the effect of war spending on the real economy, and in so many words, "how to tell the story." I got the chance to write a paper explaining the effects that copper commodity price changes would have on Peru's trade and macroeconomic outlook. And Professor Schott even took my suggestion to create a "Fun with IS-LM Curves" Classes v2 resource folder for those of us that needed a little extra practice (for example, me.) Class of 2010ers that didn't take Macro, you totally missed out. Congrats Professor Schott, you deserve this award, and thank you for giving me tools that deepen my understanding of the world economy that we are all part of. I still don't get what the big deal is with your belt and blue shirt, but I must not have been in on the joke.