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Guerrilla retail at Yale Law School

This year I decided to initiate a series of "YLS Entrepreneurs" talks at the law school. My mission: Inspire the smart, passionate, but risk-averse students of Yale Law School to take the plunge and start businesses during or after law school. My tactic: Put on a series of informal student-to-student lunch events to showcase the student entrepreneurs in our midst. Today we did our first talk, with Jan Foo '13, a law student so stylish she made a business out of it. Jan founded Cut Cloth LLC--New Haven's only pop-up vintage clothing boutique. Check out her Spring 2012 and Fall 2012 look books, and read what the press is saying. Jan started her business with zero market research—she sunk $2,000 into inventory, secured an empty storefront in New Haven, put on a flash sale, and grossed $2,800. Proof of concept. It’s grown from there, and I’m keen to see what Jan will do with the concept and the brand. Upcoming YLS Entrepreneurs talks: Will Gaybrick ’12, general partner at Thrive Capital, and Jimmy Li ’13, software engineer at Codecademy.