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Global Network for Advanced Management

With the New Year well into its third week, it's time to start making good on one of my important New Year's resolutions: to be a more regular contributor to this blog. And especially since my diet and exercise resolutions didn't last past January 2, this is one resolution that needs to stick. By announcing here, in writing, that I will blog at least once every two weeks in 2012, I'm hoping to create a little forced accountability (more so than that still-unused gym membership). This resolution should be extremely easy to fulfill because there's so much happening here at Yale SOM to blog about. In fact, I have a number of topics already lined up that I'm eager to tackle -- from admissions updates to School events to things happening in New Haven. So stay tuned. But the first thing I want to discuss is the new Global Network for Advanced Management. This is an extremely exciting and potentially transformative partnership of top business schools that Yale SOM, under Dean Snyder's leadership, is taking the lead in organizing. In broad terms, the Global Network will provide a platform for students and faculty across participating schools to connect and collaborate in a range of areas. It will also serve as the pool from which our new Masters in Advanced Management program students will come. There is an article in yesterday's Wall Street Journal that provides additional details on the Global Network, including a list of some of the participating schools. More information about the Global Network will be coming in the weeks and months ahead -- including perhaps some more blog posts from me.