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From the Associate Director of Admissions: Tips for Submitting a Strong Application

Associate Director of Admissions Kate Navarro shares pointers for creating an application that reflects your best attributes.

We are about one month away from the Round 1 application deadline for the Master of Advanced Management program at Yale SOM. Whether you’ve just decided to apply to the MAM program, or you’re already immersed in the application process, you’re probably wondering how to best present yourself to the Admissions Committee. I’d like to share some insights and advice on submitting a strong application that reflects the best of who you are and what you can offer to our community.

Decide when to apply. If you’re just starting to look into the MAM program to determine if it’s right for you, I suggest you start an application, begin to review our application requirements, and then decide when is best to apply. We have three application rounds in which you can submit an application. We encourage you to submit in the round that will yield the highest quality application you can present. That being said, being admitted in an earlier round will provide you more time to complete the enrollment requirements, apply for a visa, complete Yale Health forms with your healthcare provider, and find housing.

Be sure to have all of your application materials organized. Items such as transcripts or recommendations may take longer to gather, so make sure these items are prepared ahead of time. It is important to note that the Admissions Committee will not be able to review your application until all required materials have been submitted.

Spend some time on your essays. In one essay, you will be asked how you will contribute to our diverse community, keeping the Yale SOM mission in mind. This essay should be a reflection of yourself and the impact you will have at Yale. We are most excited about enrolling students who will engaged community members both here at Yale and after graduation.

Be yourself. We want to get a better understanding of who you are. Focus on telling the Admissions Committee about yourself, rather than telling us about what you think we want to hear. Tell us about not only the great accomplishments you have had in your career and as a Master in Management student at a Global Network school, but also about those areas you would like to focus and improve on using the resources, classes, and opportunities of the MAM program. We’re not looking for any one type of student; candidates can be vastly different from one another, so stay true to who you are and be yourself throughout. Being authentic will help you stand out in the applicant pool.

Once you feel comfortable with your application, it’s time to hit submit. Make sure to check your applicant status page at any time for updates to your application.

I hope this advice is useful as you are thinking about and preparing your application. Best of luck with the application process!

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